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VERCO24 Enterprise Service

VERCO24 is a comprehensive enterprise management solution system built on the basis of advanced technology in the world with many features to serve the digital transformation according to the practical needs of businesses quickly. and effective, but still ensure security and scalability in the future.

VERCO24 enables businesses to digitize all their activities on a unified, consistent technology platform from human resource management activities, establishing an internal communication environment to businesses. marketing and sales activities; especially the ability to convert the number of business processes within the enterprise. VERCO24 helps businesses build virtual offices – Office in the 4.0 technology era so that managers can monitor all activities of their staff, even when those officials and employees are not present at the office. work room; At the same time, VERCO24 provides tools to support officials and employees, manage and handle jobs, and report results of job execution quickly and accurately.

The entire VERCO24 system is deployed on an interactive environment, synchronous and transparent communication as an internal social network of businesses, helping officials and employees to interact and work 24/7 easily and effective. VERCO24 can help businesses improve working efficiency, optimize human resources, automate business activities, automate processes, automate marketing and sales activities; Special savings on deployment and operation costs


+ VERCO24 helps businesses create a working environment, work online quickly, safely, save costs and improve working efficiency;

+ VERCO24 helps businesses digitize and control all production and business activities of the enterprise, control their jobs and human resources accurately, scientifically and transparently;

+ VERCO24 helps businesses manage personnel information comprehensively, helping to evaluate the results of work performance quickly and real time;

+ VERCO24 helps businesses convert the number of production and business activities; convert the number of manual operating processes to an appropriate cost;

+ VERCO24 helps businesses to manage and centralize information and data; especially, customer data ensure high privacy and security;

+ VERCO24 helps officials, employees and leaders eliminate the stagnant and passive working culture;

+ VERCO24 helps businesses build virtual offices based on technology 4.0 to help businesses engage with employees, connect with customers anytime, anywhere, not necessarily to the office;

+ VERCO24 provides tools for working on multiple platforms WebApp and MobileApp.