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E-Learning & Coaching

E-Learning & Coaching – VERCON is an application system deployed on cloud computing platform (Cloud Computing). VERCON allows connecting training units, lecturers, coaches and staff members on the same application platform, thereby establishing an online interactive environment in the process of organizing and teaching Study anytime, anywhere through Web application environment or mobile application.

VERCON system is designed to build and provide modules, intensive training programs on management and corporate governance with the advice of leading experts in corporate governance.

The VERCON system provides flexible interactive functions that enhance the experience of each user on the system. Each user object successfully accesses to VERCON, VERCON will provide users with a different working screen in accordance with each person’s role.

VERCON provides a full range of tools for training management, student management, classroom management, livestream learning, video conference classes as well as training quality accreditation, including the following main modules:

1 – Learning content management module (LCMS – Learning Content Management System): provides a multi-user cloud platform environment that allows lecturers and training institutions to combine to draft, store, use – reuse, manage, and distribute e-lesson content to its students. Includes the following features:

Learner Collaboration Content Creation Reusable Content Test Question Bank Content Workflow
Deliver Content Library Reporting & Analytics Scorm API Content Portal

2 – Learning Management System (LMS – Learning Management System): provides services to support and manage students’ learning process through an ecosystem of applications such as Web App, Mobile App (Android, IOS). Includes the following features:

Learner Collaboration Student Management Teacher Management Course Management Payment
Admissions Management Learning Management Testing Management Reporting & Analytics E-learning Portal
Mobile App Check-in/ Check-out Email & Chat SMS Brandname Integrate SMEs Integrate

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